Homeschooling a distracted, unregulated, struggling child?  There is a better way, Friend!  Take the Homeschool Parent Training Series & start thriving as a family!

Watch The Welcome Module & Be Encouraged!!

Welcome to Barely Surviving to Outright Thriving (formally called Behind the Behavior). 

Watch the intro video and get my recommendations as to how to best navigate the course content.

Be sure to download the PDF worktext which includes:

  • extra support teachings,
  • reflection activities,
  • brainstorming sessions,
  • and plan-of-action guides.

You can print and send off to be spiral bound at your local printing company or you can use your tablet and stylus to record your answers.  

The worktext content is a major component of this course and will allow you to more deeply chew on and apply the concepts in the course.

Check your email for the PODCAST LINK to take the course teaching content wherever you go via

  • Itunes (Iphone) or
  • Podcast Addict (Android)

Get excited and let me know if you need anything.   

SO excited for you!  

xo- Lindsay

1 Lesson

Watch The Welcome Module & Be Encouraged!!

Lessons for this part 1

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