Homeschooling a distracted, unregulated, struggling child?  There is a better way, Friend!  Take the Homeschool Parent Training Series & start thriving as a family!

Barely Surviving To Outright Thriving Course

Hey Exhausted Momma Friend,

I see you & I get it. You desperately want to have a loving Christian home, but your kid is just not having it. You don't know if you can face another day of the stress, chaos & meltdowns. 

Sound familiar?  You’re exhausted, confused, beat-up and defeated.  You can barely get out of bed because you are living in the warzone.

Living in isolation, shame & humiliation? You stay home because taking your child out in public is a nightmare... the judgemental stares from the nosey onlookers in the store... the unsolicited advice from friends and family... it's too much.

Wrestling with the traditional parenting paradigm?  You want to honor God in your parenting, but everything you have believed about being a good Christian mom is failing.

Enough of this already.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?  Imagine breaking free of the life-sucking cycle of chaos?

  • Clarity & peace of mind:
    • Experience internal peace as you navigate your child’s most challenging behaviors because you have a personalized 4 step plan that allows you to confidently equip your child through the big emotions and behaviors.
  • A thriving child...
    • By understanding God's design of the brain and how to equip your child what they need to self-regulate well, you will help your child (and your family) flourish for the longterm. 
  • Lifelong support tools:
    • The Barely Surviving to Outright Thriving teachings, reflection activities, and community are always there for you to turn to if you ever find yourself struggling or want to adapt your strategies with a new or changing child.

Introducing the step by step roadmap you’ve been desperate for in this messy & confusing season of parenting.

This 4 step framework will help you navigate the most difficult behaviors of your uniquely-designed child.

From Barely Surviving to Outright Thriving is an 8 module self-paced course that will equip you to confidently navigate your child’s most challenging behaviors—no matter how intense—in the freedom that only Christ can bring. 

Even more importantly, the concepts behind the 4 steps are game changers in the relational dynamics of the entire family.

Utilizing these foundational tools will allow you to set up your entire family for a lifetime of healthy relationships with others, themselves and God.

What Rachel Coley, MS, OTR-L of Can Do Kiddo has to say...

Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L,  

Pediatric Occupational Therapist & Owner,

He stopped sleeping & began to scream all the time.

He kicked, bit, hit, scratched, destroyed property… EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

He intentionally ran into the street BECAUSE he saw an oncoming car.  

Nothing I knew to do as a "good Christian momma" worked.  I felt like a failure as a mother.

But, after being completely humbled, broken and desperate for years, God slowly & radically transformed my life in every way.  

Today, my boy is thriving.  We live in greater freedom now because of all that God has taught me. 

I created Barely Surviving to Outright Thriving for moms and their kids who are struggling like we were. 

In this life-changing course, you will have access to:

  • Video and audio podcast lessons
    • These will guide you through each component of the 4 step foundation and framework.  You'll have these on hand whenever you need them using the podcast streaming link on your smartphoone. 
  • Reflection activities
    • Intentionally designed exercises, to help you apply the lessons to your specific situation allowing you to adapt the strategies to best serve your unique family.
  • A 95-page pdf fillable or downloadable workbook
    • This beautifully designed worktext will equip you to:
      • Dive deeply into the lesson concepts,
      • Record your answers and plans, 
      • Deepen your understanding of the Gospel & God's design of the brain,
      • Brainstorm and ultimately create an individualized action plan for you and your child. 


8 Modules Delivered In 3 Stages 

Designed so that you can find lasting success in the challenges you’re facing.  

Think of it as your...

  • Parenting lifeline...
    • A Gospel-based roadmap infused with our most current understanding of neuroscience.  This roadmap will guide you through some of the hardest and messiest behavioral challenges. 
  • Created for all kids... 
    • If your child has ADHD, ASD, SPD, APD, GAD or no acronym at all, this course is designed to equip you & your uniquely-designed child for the longterm.

Are you ready to make some serious traction with your child? 

What Jennifer has to say...

"This course is so life-giving! Thank you so much! I would never be able to make it without you. I just finished the judgement module. I am literally bawling and I cannot stop. She (my 14 yo daughter) talked with me for two hours last night. I got my sweet girl back.

Thank you for talking me off the ledge… We are already seeing fruit as we slowly change how we parent.

Thank you so much for walking with us… I am very thankful for you entering my life at just the right time. The course is fantastic information and it helps so much to know I am not alone."

-Jennifer, Homeschool Mom of 3

Take A Look At The Course Roadmap:


Deeper Look Into Modules

The Foundation

Module 1: More Power Than You Think

We will tackle some unhealthy beliefs that are destroying us moms & our families.

Module 2: God's Eyes of Grace

We will learn to shift our perspective to see our children’s weaknesses as strengths intended by God for good.

Module 3: The Brain

We will explore a basic understanding of God’s design of the human brain and its impact on behavior.

The Framework

Module 4: Step 1, Relationship

We tap into one of your most powerful parenting tools… your ability to influence your child for good through relationship. 

Module 5: Step 2, Emotional Vocabulary

Develop strategies & tools to foster your child’s emotional understanding & awareness.  And provide your child with a clear vocabulary to communicate big feelings through words.

Module 6: Step 3, Appropriate Physical Input

Gain an understanding of your child’s God-given sensory system and the importance of physical input to assist your child in appropriate self-regulation.

Module 7: Step 4, Shifting Attention

Beef up the parenting toolbox & help your child cross the finish-line in the self-regulation process.  You will learn how to creatively shift attention and removing the audience.

Module 8: Integration

This is when you will create your individualized plan, partner with others including spouses and other caregivers, and develop your final action steps.

Honestly, why would you even want to listen to me?

I'm Lindsay Leiviska and I’m the founder of A Heart For All Students.  I'm a parenting and homeschool coach for moms.

Twenty years ago, I earned my Master of Arts in Teaching & have spent more than 20 years working with kids in a variety of capacities.

However, NONE of my qualifications can compare to the last 6 years...

The adoption of my son shattered every belief I had about being a good mom.

It was 4 years of H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks with my boy...

His tantrums, meltdowns, dangerous behaviors & screams occurred every waking moment of our lives.  (Which was ALWAYS because he never slept.)

I could not go anywhere with him for fear of what he would do.  I was... Stressed, stretched, angry, isolated, depressed and hopeless.

What Erica says, 

“This course has been life-changing!  What you’ve taught me about God’s design of the brain has helped me tremendously in understanding where my kids are coming from!  Thank you!  I personally can’t get enough of the ‘focus on relationships’ parts.  I have noticed such a shift in my parenting style lately.  Less on rules and keeping the schedule and more on relationships.  I feel so much freedom to be ok when plans change and things don’t get done my way.  My son is thriving in ways I never would have expected!  Thank you so much!” 

-Erica, Mom of 2, ADHD & Sensory Processing Issues

Fast Forward A Few Years

God has done a work in me & my son.  I know He is working that same thing for you and your family. 

Be encouraged, Friend. 

You are a momma doing the best you can to fight for your child in a broken world.  

God doesn’t expect you to control your child. 

When our kids don’t respond to traditional parenting and discipline strategies, it's time to shift the lens and parent the child we have. 

There is a better, life-giving Gospel-based way to raise our outside-the-box kids.  

That's why I have created Barely Surviving to Outright Thriving... to support you and your dearly loved child of God.

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