Homeschooling a distracted, unregulated, struggling child?  There is a better way, Friend!  Take the Homeschool Parent Training Series & start thriving as a family!

Your child is a gift to this world, Momma Friend.

Hi, Friend! I'm Lindsay Leiviska and I teach moms how to parent & homeschool outside-the-box thinkers to thrive. 

I believe that God has created every child with gifts, passions and purpose. 

When equipped based on their own unique wiring, our kids can change the world!  Together, we can change the narrative of childhood ADHD, Autism, & Anxiety one mom at a time.

Available Parent Trainings

Barely Surviving To Outright Thriving Course

Walking on eggshells in fear of your kid's next meltdown? It's time to break free & move forward, Friend.

Barely Surviving to Outright Thriving is an online course for the faith-driven momma who is DONE with the chaos & stress of the daily meltdowns.

Homeschooling A Distracted Child (NCHE Summit)

Are your homeschool days exhausting?  Does your child struggle with focus?  Resistant to all things schoolwork or anything not interesting?  Sick of fighting to get the smallest assignment completed?   

In this hour-long video teaching from the NCHE Summit For Teaching Exceptional Children, I dive deep into the ADHD-type brain.  I will teach you how to best equip your child to thrive as a learner. 

Here's what one mom had to say

"You were speaking straight to my heart. It was all so informative, relevant, educational, and comforting. I took 31 pages worth of notes, imagine that!  Thank you so much!"

LB, Homeschool Mom, ADHD, Autism

The Dysregulated Child: Self-Regulation & Sensory Systems In Your Home & Homeschool

In this in-depth one-hour training, faith-filled moms will learn how to best equip kids to appropriately self-regulate in a way that honors who they've been designed to be.

Here's what one homeschool mom had to say:

"Lindsay has a way of making this information so understandable!  I took 5 1/2 pages of notes.  Great information and encouragement! I wish I’d have learned this years ago! But it’s never too late to learn and make positive changes.  Thank you Lindsay!

PM, Adoptive Homeschool Mom of 3

Whether your child struggles with daily meltdowns, explosive tempers, anxiety, tears, fears or more, be encouraged.  There's so much hope!

Huh? How Speech & Language Processing Impacts Reading, Writing & Relationships

"Huh? I dunno... I forgot."  Does this sound familiar?

When our kids consistently struggle with learning, reading, writing, following through on multi-step directions, shut down when asked questions, it may be that there's an underlying language processing issue that needs to be addressed.    

Learn how to equip your student in this in-depth training. 

Learning My World: My Address, Phone Number, and More Geography Unit

Ready to help your child learn about their world?  Check out Learning My World: My Address, Phone Number, and More Geography Unit.

This 80-page unit is designed using a whole-brain lens to support all learners including neurodivergent (ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia) learning styles.  

Homeschooling ADHD Teaching Tips Cheat Sheets

Harness the genius of your child's ADHD brain w this ADHD Teaching Tips Cheat Sheet. 

Whether or not your child has an ADHD diagnosis, these strategies are excellent ways to help kids (and even adults) learn to self-regulate well. 

These activities work for learning, emotional-regulation, and to help our kids tackle hard things.  Get excited!  

You've got this, Momma! 

How To Help Your Struggling Reader (Writer, Can't-Follow-Through-On-Directions Kid)

The PDF of the free comprehensive guide to help your child overcome challenges with reading and other language issues.  

Behind The Behaviors Book

For the weary Christian momma who doesn't know what else to do.  Grab a copy, be equipped & be encouraged. 

“Offering sanity and grace along with gentle, practical steps to handling difficult behavior, Lindsay speaks from her background as an educator as well as from her own journey from despair to hope.”

Beth Matheson, Writer, Podcast Host, Wycliffe Women of the Word Podcast

Free 5 Day Devotional Series: For The Exhausted Mom

End The Daily Meltdowns- No matter how big!  Join the FREE 5 Day Video Teaching Devotional Series. 

  • Break free from inappropriate guilt & shame, and learn how to move the needle forward with your child.

I've been there and get it.  There's so much hope.

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