Homeschooling a distracted, unregulated, struggling child?  There is a better way, Friend!  Take the Homeschool Parent Training Series & start thriving as a family!

Homeschooling A Distracted Child (NCHE Summit)

Are your homeschool days exhausting?  Does your child struggle with focus?  Resistant to all things school work or anything not inherently interesting?  Sick of fighting to get the smallest assignment completed?   

In this hour-long video teaching from the NCHE Summit For Teaching Exceptional Children, I dive deep into the ADHD-type brain.  I will teach you how to best equip your child to thrive as a learner. 

Learn foundational aspects of the brain, behavior, the sensory systems, self-regulation, executive functioning skills and true and effective long-term learning. 

We'll then discuss practical strategies and tools to help prime the ADHD brain for academic success and more! 

Here's what one mom had to say

"You were speaking straight to my heart. It was all so informative, relevant, educational and comforting. I took 31 pages worth of notes, imagine that!  Thank you so much!"

LB, Homeschool Mom, ADHD, Autism

Get excited!  We mommas are in this together!  

Just in case you're wondering, "Why should I listen to this lady?"  Here's that 3rd person bio stuff... :) 

Lindsay Leiviska is a Christian wife, mom of three and an educator with her Masters Degree in Teaching. 

She has been working with children for over 20+ years and homeschooling her own for more than 10.  

In 2013, Lindsay and her husband adopted a newborn boy. The story of his adoption and his transition into their family radically transformed Lindsay as a mom and educator.

Lindsay is founder of A Heart For All Students, an organization with the mission to empower children who think and process the world differently by supporting the moms who raise them. 

She is trauma-informed and shares each week on her podcast and blog about all things homeschooling and parenting kids with ADHD, Autism, anxiety, learning differences and more.  

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Priming The ADHD Brain For Learning- Lindsay Leiviska, MAT (NCHE Summit)

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